Career Advancement

Happy Diwali from a Qualified Coach

At a training course I recently attended in London, I was set an assignment – to make a visual representation of what I had gained from the training.  To say I was taken aback was an understatement. My immediate response was “but, but, but, I can’t draw”.  My entreaties were of no use of course, so…
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We Can All Be Leaders

We can all be leaders, whatever our position in the company.  A truism that is sometimes hard to take on board particularly early in our careers. Showing initiative, taking ownership, communicating effectively and delivering above expectations are some of the qualities we can bring to our jobs everyday that will mark us out as leaders.  This…
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Pictures of women arranged in a network

Why Women need Tribes?

Women’s networks and leadership programs are going through a downturn it appears. Current thinking is “enough of fixing women, it’s the workplace culture that needs to be fixed.” The trend is to dismiss “Women Only” networks and development programs for not having solved the problem of such few women in leadership positions. It’s true that…
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a woman leading towards growth concept

Why have a “Women’s” Leadership program?

Why not just a leadership program for everyone? I often talk or train at corporate women’s leadership programs. Every now and then I’m asked by someone, ‘Why do you support a leadership program that separates women from others? Why not just talk about leadership to everyone?’ I never really know whether the inquirer is really…
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