Who We Are


Throughout our careers in publishing & tech across the US, UK & India – one fact was inescapable – the glaring gap in diversity in leadership positions across companies. True, there were some standout successes – but nearly not enough. There were very few underrepresented groups in positions of power and influence. We wanted to create new bases of trust & influence and that’s how Talking Cranes was formed.

So, here's what we do at Talking Cranes:

  • Show the next generation how to take deliberate charge of their careers.
  • Show organizations how to provide a supportive environment for diversity to succeed.
  • Our aim is to help build new power bases of influence and trust in multicultural workforces everywhere.

                                            Aneeta Madhavan & Hyma Menath, Co-Founders.

Our Philosophy

Why Women Specific Programs?

We often get asked this question. Here's why:

In most work environments women are a minority. They face challenges in a work environment that has developed organically to suit the dominant group and provide programs that address specific skills for that group. So, to balance that out women need tools to galvanize their self-confidence, demand opportunities and make sure that their voice is heard. Our Leadership Development Program does just that.

Talking Cranes Inc.
Talking Cranes Inc.

Inclusivity is Important

Here's why.

For success, organizations need a cultural transformation to ensure that people regardless of their differences (race, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, neurodiversity among others) have an environment in which they can thrive. Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion program does that.

The Talking Cranes Solution

Talking Cranes Inc.


Build a pipeline of high potential leaders.
Our powerful workshops with between 6-8 participants and a focus on mentoring, coaching and peer learning make it easy to increase engagement, retain diverse talent
and build leaders.

Talking Cranes Inc.

DEI Program

Build a diverse, equitable & inclusive workplace .
Seed concepts of belonging & trust and and build a diverse workforce that feel valued, and aspire professionally & personally.
Our DEI programs go well beyond one off workshops. Using well established racial equity frameworks, we customize programs for social and business impact.

Talking Cranes Inc.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Build, enhance & establish leadership values.
Through powerful questions, active listening & perceptive observations, participants crystallize their thinking and develop & implement plans to achieve their goals.

The Team


Aneeta Madhavan

Co-Founder and ICF Accredited Leadership Coach

Aneeta has 30+ years in sales & marketing, building new businesses from ground up in India, US & the UK.

Hyma Menath

Hyma Menath

Co-Founder and Anti Racist Results based Accountability practitioner

Hyma has 25+ years experience in Content Solutions, Sales, Media Tech & global business. Experienced in systems change work at scale with special emphasis on racial equity.

Our Partners

Mona Sabet

Mona Sabet

Coach & Partner

Mona is an entrepreneur, attorney & diversity advocate with 20+ years in business & technology.

Matt Abrahams

Matt Abrahams

Coach & Partner

Matt is an entrepreneur, educator & coach with 20+ years in business & professional communications.

Senior HR Director & Partner

Sola Osinoiki

VP Global People Technology

Sola has 20+ years experience in HR tech and Data Systems and is committed to mentoring the next generation of leaders.

Lisa Akkeson

Lisa Akkeson

Coach & Partner

Lisa is a voice, language and communication skills trainer with 20+ years in the corporate and public sector.