What We Do

We partner with organizations to create a pipeline of top diverse leaders and build stronger, more inclusive organizations.
We do this through strategic & structured leadership conversations, DEI programs, women focused leadership programs and one-on-one coaching.

Talking Cranes Inc.


Build a thriving workplace

  1. Customized DEI programs for global cohorts.
  2. Support implementation of strategies for improving employee experience in a multicultural environment.
  3. Leverage untapped strength and opportunities provided by a diverse workforce for organizational success.
Talking Cranes Inc.


Build a Pipeline of High Potential Talent

  1. Women-focused, leadership programs where the cohort can put training concepts to work for sustained professional development.
  2. Measure progress and outcomes to provide actionable recommendations.
  3. A focus on peer learning and experiential learning strategies.
Talking Cranes Inc.


Coaching for individuals and groups

  1. Dig deep, challenge and expand thinking to build confidence and leadership skills.
  2. Support leaders working through complex DEI challenges.
  3. Increase influence and visibility while staying true to core values.
  4. Identify and build key stakeholder relationships and advance career.