What We Do

We partner with growth companies to create a pipeline of top diverse leaders and build stronger, more inclusive organizations.
We do this through strategic & structured leadership conversations, DEI programs, women focused leadership programs and one-on-one coaching.

Talking Cranes Inc.

DEI Program

Build a thriving workplace

  1. Seed concepts of value and trust and create aspirations
  2. Understand structural biases and challenges
  3. Leverage the strength and opportunities provided by a diverse workforce for all to thrive.
Talking Cranes Inc.


Build a Pipeline of High Potential Talent

  1. Women-focused, leadership programs where the cohort can put training concepts to work for sustained professional development.
  2. Measure progress and outcomes to provide actionable recommendations to advance careers.
  3. A focus on coaching, mentoring and peer learning strategies.
Talking Cranes Inc.

Leadership Coaching

Program for Managers and Executives

  1. Develop a growth mindset to drive transformation.
  2. work through issues of perception and influence in a trusted environment
  3. Find and hone values that are authentic to you