What We Do

We partner with growth companies to create a pipeline of top talent women leaders and build stronger, more inclusive organizations. Our Smart Workshops and data-driven insights make it easy to increase engagement, retain diverse talent and build high potential leaders.

Our Learnathons include Master Classes with industry experts, Panel Discussions and Webinars with thought leaders and inspiring speakers. We use Peer Learning techniques to engage participants through community building, shared stories, member-led discussions, quizzes, fun competitions and member profiles. In addition, our Online Platform allows for continuous learning to sustain impact and build peer networks of influence and trust.
Our programs include:

Talking Cranes Inc.


Self-Paced Learning for an aspiring workforce & Build Professional Womens’ Networks

  1. Seed leadership concepts and create aspirations through self-paced learning modules.
  2. Understand biases and challenges in leadership development.
  3. Gain strength, confidence and knowledge from a trusted peer community on the TC online platform.
Talking Cranes Inc.


Build a Pipeline of High Potential Talent


  1. Women-focused, leadership programs where the cohort can put training concepts to work for sustained professional development.
  2. Measure progress and outcomes to provide actionable recommendations to advance careers.
  3. A focus on coaching, mentoring and peer learning strategies.
Talking Cranes Inc.

Inclusive Leadership

Program for Managers and Executives
(Mixed Gender)

  1. Develop a growth mindset to drive digital transformation within your organization.
  2. Move your teams from industrial age hierarchical structure to a more entrepreneurial one.
  3. Practical skills to manage diverse teams to build inclusive high performing teams.