Build Multicultural

Inclusive and Empathetic Workplace for Global Teams

Holistic Approach: Connecting Diversity Equity & Inclusion to Sustainability

How we work has fundamentally changed. Political, social and generational changes have created a better understanding of emotional wellbeing in the workplace. Addressing challenges such as stress, burnout and building healthy relationships have emerged as a priority. We acknowledge that human motivation is complex and includes environmental, social and emotional influences. As ESG initiatives are becoming a strategic imperative, we help organizations build a foundational knowledge base in DEI and Sustainability concepts through our programs. This goes beyond compliance and becomes a part of organization culture.


A Results Framework based on Liberatory Principles

Once organizations have built this foundational knowledge, we help them develop a strategic plan. We use a disciplined approach integrating liberatory principles with a results framework: start with defining desired outcome and get to root causes of challenges to develop corrective actions. This converting of commitment to actions bridges the gap between organizational values and its day to day practices.

We work across industries in the private sector, public sector and non-profits - in effect, wherever groups need to work together for a purpose.

Impact and Continuous Improvement

In a knowledge economy, It is outmoded to rely on industrial era performance measures for input, output, productivity and success. Instead, we need a different approach and language that centers people. A performance measure that asks three simple yet crucial questions (how much did you do, how well did you do and is anyone better off) shifts the orientation from effort to impact. We help organizations develop diagnostic tools and metrics to measure this impact and study what changed.

Some expected outcomes

1. Align your organization purpose with your ESG goals

2. Create a healthy and balanced workplace

3. Attract and retain multicultural talent

4. Build an intersectional diverse leadership pipeline

5. Address systemic challenges to fairness and sustainability goals

Performance Measures


- Facilitate a DEIS vision for organizations.

- Co-design and develop targeted DEI programs.

- Co-create strategic initiatives in alignment with organization values to transform culture.

Training & Coaching

- Facilitate difficult conversations around systemic inequities and power dynamics

- Build foundational knowledge base on DEI and Sustainability

- Develop and implement strategic plan for operationalizing equity & inclusion

- Build a pipeline of high-potential leaders from diverse backgrounds.

- Coaching for individuals and teams

Performance Measures

- Powerful decision making tools to move from Talk to Action

- Root Cause Analysis to define and address the problem

-Robust methodology for measuring continuous improvement

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