About Us

Anjana Nagarajan Meera Kymal Matt Abrahams Hyma Menath Mona Sabet Aneeta Madhavan

Aneeta Madhavan and Hyma Menath co-founded Talking Cranes in 2014 to work with companies to create a stronger more inclusive and equitable workplace. They have spent the last 25 years in global business development, built businesses from ground up and worked across cultures and continents (US, UK/Europe, Asia).

The team:

Meera Kymal, Head of Content and Founding Team member has 25+ years in content development in healthcare, tech and higher education (UK & US)

Anjana Nagarajan, Direcrtor-Community, has 10+ years in educational non-profits, community building, networking and content development


Our coaching partners:

Mona Sabet is an entrepreneur, attorney & diversity advocate with 20+ years in business & technology

Matt Abrahams is an author, educator, coach and entrepreneur with 20+ years in business and professional communications