Mentor Details

Shirin Rizvi Hasan
Senior Executive
Medical Device Industry

Shirin Rizvi Hasan is Senior Executive in the Medical Device Industry. Shirin and her teams have played critical roles in bringing innovative devices to market and saving lives. In addition to making a significant impact on the healthcare and medical device industry in the last 20 years, Shirin plays an active role in Lean In groups, which are dedicated to supporting and uplifting women in their careers.
Shirin is mother to two boys and is passionate about fitness, reading, cooking, writing, shopping and contributing to her community. She lives in the Bay Area ( California). 


How would a young woman entering the workforce become a valued member of a team and make her voice heard?
Shirin Rizvi Hasan : Be self-confident and assertive. Most important. But there is a very fine line between being perceived as a value-adding contributor, and an opinionated know-it-all. The latter can be very career limiting. Be careful. Always be prepared. Never cease to learn. Be innovative, and don't be afraid to fail. Get out of your comfort zone. Look and act the part (dress appropriately too). Get help from your partner, other family members to manage your work-life balance. Find a mentor, and mentor other people. And last but not the least... Lean In and help other women grow!