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K. Kymal
SVP-Total Rewards
Thomson Reuters

Kumar is SVP-Total Rewards & Head of HR, Corporate Functions at Thomson Reuters. Kumal has worked in high-technology companies, in North America and Europe for more than 20 years. He is a committed contributor to the global rewards community and an active member on the steering committees of various compensation groups in Europe and the US.
Specialities: Compensation and benefits strategy, program design and deployment, HR.


I'd like you (and possibly others) to help me help my students answer the following question when they are looking for jobs at graduation - "So what are your salary expectations?" Given that they are just getting into the job market, they don't want to peg themselves so high that they think they will put themselves out of contention; on the other hand they don't want to go so low in their enthusiasm that they undersell themselves. I really am looking for good interview responses to the question. Thanks Raja
K. Kymal : Raja Thank you for your question. In general my advice for those who are new entrants or who have a strong desire to move is not to answer the question with specificity. Here are some options: 1) Turn the tables - That's a great question. Since I am still understanding the market, can you share with me the salary range that you are targeting 2) Trust principle - I don't have a precise answer to give you. However, I know what a great reputation your company has and I am sure that you will assess my background and if I am successful, make a competitive offer. 3) Stress Competency - I don't have a precise answer and am certain you will be competitive. However, let me stress my competencies and what I bring to the table. 1) .....2)..... 3)........ 4) Range of expectations - If a college hire, there are usually college reports about salary ranges for new graduates. You can share that range with them. For those more experienced or who have a valuable skill set, it is perfectly appropriate to set your high expectations on the table. You may have a certain set of criteria that need to be met and it's ok to put it on the table so that no one is wasting each other's time.