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Anne Trefethen
CIO & Pro Vice Chancellor
Oxford University

Professor Anne Trefethen, CIO & Pro Vice Chancellor  ( Academic Services and University Collections) at University of Oxford. As Professor of Scientific Computing and Director of the Oxford e-Research Centre, she worked to enable and facilitate interdisciplinary research. Her own research interests include creating accessibility to complex computing systems.  Anne is a successful example of how women can become collaborative leaders and team builders in the workplace


Is collaborative style leadership effective? I naturally like to consult and collaborate but I'm worried I will be viewed as indecisive or weak
Anne Trefethen : Men often have a strong individual style of leadership and collaboration can often be seen as a weakness whereas I see it as an absolute strength. We achieve much more through collaboraton than trying to do things independently & I think this is a trait I see much more in women than in male leaders. It does take time, patience, ability to negotiate different groups to come together. If you build things not based on consensus, it does need leadership, but in a collaborative way, then you are much more likely to have something that is sustainable for the long term. Trust your instincts about where you want to take things and how to achieve them.